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About us!

America’s leading web design company registered in Delaware U.S. in 2020 as an Incorporation company having shares in the stock exchange.

Octocs, Inc. is a digital marketing agency specializing in social media campaigns, SEO, PPC, web design, and graphic design. From web development to app development (Android, iOS) Octocs experienced team of WordPress, Laravel, Angular, Vue.js, and SASS is here to serve you.

Mobile and Web App development:

We help to design, build and evolve mobile and web apps.

For App development we have an expert team of;

  • UI/UX designer, an expert at blending usability and appealing graphics
  • Developers and database architects
  • Project Management Office to web development projects of any complexity.
  • QA engineers are in charge of ensuring that web app quality and security criteria are met.

Our expert developers will develop your app in a series of cycles, each of which will comprise planning, development, testing, and review.

1. Discovery phase:

Engage in a conversation with us.

You are welcome to come to meet us; coffee is on us. You can also connect with us on other social media platforms.

Here we get to the heart of your idea. Through comprehensive research, conversation, and analysis of your idea, we hope to achieve a shared understanding of your product vision and objectives. The ultimate goal is to visualize the app’s whole scope, outlining a feature set that will help the app achieve its goals and provide actual value to users.


Your idea is valuable, and it’s the first thing we’ll help securely. We go over the concept in great detail here. Once the idea is apparent, our specialists define the scope. We’ll show you how to clarify your goal and strengthen your idea for maximum effect.

We always keep the following in mind when discussing ideas:

  • Problem-solving potential ( your value proposition)
  • Target audience
  • Competitors: We’ll look for suitable competitors, evaluate how they’re doing, check their rankings, learn about their Ad strategy, and assess their strengths and flaws. Investigate their organic and paid growth techniques.
  • Industrial analysis of your idea:  If we come across apps that appear to be relevant, we test them out to see what their strengths and shortcomings are. Reading reviews can also reveal potential functionality gaps that could be possibilities for us— or red flags.

ii: Plan & strategy:

We build strategy as per business and customer needs.

After we’ve listened to all of your requirements we’ll outline your idea, proceed with more research, wireframes, and turn them into a strategic plan.

We devise a plan, assign resources, and set a timeframe and budget for the project’s completion.

2. Design

 After we have a clear idea for the app. We’ll go to the design stage. Our team is keeping a close eye on all design advances.

Easy to use is often hard to design.

The design of the app is its essence, and we determine its visual experiences during the design phase.

Our designing phase involves:

  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Workflows
  • Click-through models
  • User interface design
  • Style guides
  • Rendered designs
  • Rendered click-through models

We’ll provide you with a final prototype for approval and set up a meeting to discuss our ideas and get your feedback. We can make any changes you require, and once approved, we will proceed to the next phase.

3. Development phase

Iterative programming cycles bring functions and features to life.

Having one agency for both design and development is so useful.

We hand over the app design to our developers and they begin the developing process. Our expert developers will develop in a series of cycles, each of which will comprise planning, development, testing, and review.

Programmers can build the essential functionality based on the design created by UI/UX developers. Skilled computer programmers figure out how to reuse code sensibly throughout an application. This is particularly important when it comes to adopting styles and shared functionality. Our development team will begin integrating the styles and functionality throughout the development phase. Experts work on the development of your app, as well as the development of hooks to any databases that may be required.

When they are finally completed, they are reverted to a project manager or QA tester for review.

4. Testing

When the app development process is finally completed, we put it through quality assurance testing.

To make sure a more genuine testing experience, we do not perform testing by the app’s primary developer.

We test the app’s usability, compatibility, security, interface checks, stress, and performance.

Our experts of Laravel, Angular, Vue.js and ReactJs provide testing effectively.

Functional Testing to ensure that the functionality performs as expected according to the requirements.

Usability Testing to make sure that the feature is as user-friendly and as simple as possible.

Performance Testing to keep a close eye on the efficiency of the app as we progress.

Fit and Finish Testing: Designers will go over each feature and double-check that their vision was reflected in the design(It’s one of the reasons why having one agency for both design and development is so useful.)

Regression Testing At the end of each sprint, a good QA team will have a list of tests to run, which will include tests from prior sprints.

Device-Specific Testing to guarantee that it is working, it has been tested on a variety of screen sizes and operating systems.

5. Extended review

We put it to the test with a group of potential users. We didn’t give them any instruction on how to utilize the program. We collect their feedback after they’ve finished using the app.

6. Refinements

We conduct a final development sprint after these extended review periods to handle any newly uncovered concerns.

It’s time to start planning for deployment once our testers have given us the green light.

7. Deploy & Launch

We will launch/deploy your app once we have ensured that all development has been done, tested, and reviewed.

8. Optimization

We devise a strategy to ensure that your software reaches its intended audience.

Our app optimization services will help your app to stand out from the crowd.